Strategy Deployment

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Lack of (or unclear) purpose and direction is experienced as confusion and uncertainty further down the organization - and top management is often criticized for lack of strategy and direction. Ref Professor Ralph Stacey

The purpose of strategy deployment is to operationalise the existing strategy and ensure focus and momentum – keeping the entire organisation's eyes and actions focused on achieving the same goals.

Strategy deployment aims to:

  • Formulate clear strategic objectives and goals based on vision and strategy

  • Define initiatives to meet the strategic objectives and goals - separating the trivial from the really important ones

  • Aligning the objectives throughout all levels of the organisation through ‘catch-ball’ activities

  • Creating meaningful plans of action to achieve the objectives

  • Deploy, review and inform of the progress of the plans to keep momentum

  • Act in due time to correct if needed


Correctly implemented it gives:

  • Increased control of strategic activities

  • Visibility of problems and effective decision making – driving continues improvement

  • A common model that ensures both strategic alignment and follow-up on activities in all parts of the organization

  • Leaders better opportunity to prioritize and focus their support on the right efforts in their area


“Strategy Deployment” is always adapted to the individual needs of the organization in the span of consulting , training workshops and coaching.