Potential workshop

Workshop with focus on improvements​

In every organization there is enormous potential for improvement. Unfortunately, we do not always see it. As an employee, one has often become accustomed to the fact that IT, printers and other equipment do not work, that re-work, errors and misunderstandings occur, and that the workflows are inefficient.

At the same time, we are far from good enough to utilize the employees' many ideas. The employees have the ideas - they just don't always bring them forward. Sometimes because they do not think it's useful - other times because they think that somebody else probably are taking care of the problem.

Focus on improvements

Dansk LEAN Partner offers to carry out a workshop where focus is on improvement opportunities. At the workshop, waste, problems and improvement opportunities are mapped. Improvement proposals are discussed and prioritized.

As a result of the workshop, an improvement catalog is prepared and an action plan is drawn up.

A further result of the workshop is that the participants become aware of the importance and scope of waste and improvement opportunities. Total scope one day.

The process

1) The “waste workshop” is carried out

a) Review of the Lean Mindset, including Waste Removal Methods

b) Brainstorming about common types of waste, problems and improvement options

2) Summary on the “waste workshop”

c) Summary of the workshop together with the facilitator

d) Ideas and suggestions are sorted, interpreted, rewritten and prioritized

e) Every problem is analyzed, causes are found, and solutions are described

f) An action plan for the prioritized solution proposals is agreed

g) Follow-up on the action plan is agreed

3) The facilitator keeps track of the initiated improvements

Potential screening

Screening of potential and improvement opportunities

The purpose of the screening of the company is to determine the potential for release of capital, improvement of earnings and bottom line.

Within two to three days, facts and data are collected, key persons interviewed, observations analyzed and compared the collected knowledge with their own experiences.

Screening – subareas

1. Products and product complexity

2. Machine Capacity

3. Management and employees

4. Lead time from raw material to finished product bottlenecks

5. Quality and error rates

6. Unnecessary complexity

7. Stock sizes and turnover rates


Based on the screening, the overall improvement potential is clarified, quantified and visualized.

An overall plan with recommendations for concrete improvements is prepared.

Total scope five days depending on the size and complexity of the company.

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