Managing effective meetings

Participant-active course built on a number of exciting cases

Organizations are packed with meeting activities. The trick is to deal with sorting between 'meeting gitis' and necessary meetings with qualified meeting management from agenda to implementation and meeting minutes! In other words, meeting culture with respect, effect and inspiration.

Time is money! Motivation, inspiration, effect = return.

The purpose of “Managing effective meetings” is to create a cross-organizational focus on effective and inspiring meetings in the company.

The benefit of the course:

  • Participants become familiar with the circumstances that influence a meeting from the planning phase to the minutes

  • Participants will be able to lead effective meetings by ensuring understanding of goals, agenda, conclusion and responsibility

  • Focus on effective meetings - preferably cross-organizational!


The course is extremely participatory - built on a number of exciting cases and contains:

  • Self-test - how effective are you leading a meeting?

  • The definition of a “good meeting”

  • Review of meeting types and how they affect an agenda

  • Meeting Preparation - How?

  • Responsibility – meeting leader and meeting participant

  • Meeting Leader Support Tools – Complete package!

  • How do you manage a meeting?

  • How do you handle challenges during the meeting?

  • Good meeting culture - 'Barriers and opportunities'

  • Practical - short training sessions

  • Checklist for meeting preparation, meeting management and attendance

  • Meeting Guide

  • Meetings in own organization / department with action plan.


“Managing effective meetings” can be adapted to the individual organization in the span of inspiration workshop to real courses, where training is included!

Leadership in times of extreme change

Back to home..!

Taylor-made: Facilitate, develop, train and implementation of change

We are in a paradigm where the world is characterized by extreme change and uncertainty. This results in massive pressure on the company from the outside world in terms of change in focus and tempo.

The market's "rules of the game" are constantly changing which require continuous adaptation of the organization to the movement of the market. The amount of change requires an increased holistic and strategic understanding, as well as understanding of coordination and coherence. New generations challenge existing leadership values. Together, all this challenges the "management muscle" extremely.


The purpose of “Leadership in times of extreme change” is to facilitate and develop the leadership discipline, strengthen professionalism and inspire. In addition, plan and implement change. In other words, strengthen the "management muscle".


The benefits are:

Qualify implementation of change

Minimize frustration in the organization, reducing loss of motivation

Ensure short-term decline in potential production loss

Upgrading organization and leadership to meet future challenges



Assist management with advice

Training, sparring and coaching

Concrete theories, models and approaches

Designing, organizing and conducting Workshops

Organizing and conducting seminars and programs



In close dialogue with the management, work is based on:

Clarify the challenge

Define need for efforts and thus the task

Clarify developments

Designing and implementing actions, as well as continuously measuring impact and adjusting efforts


The target audience is:

Organizations and departments


Deliveries can be adapted and Taylor-made to meet the needs and existing resource situation of the individual organization / department