LEAN Assessment

Improve your organisation and processes through a
LEAN Assessment

The purpose of a Lean assessment is to give the Lean work in the organisation new life and direction. Furthermore, a Lean assessment enhances the manger’s and employee’s abilities to see potential for improvements – “Learning to see!”

Focus will be on:

  • How solutions are designed

  • How solutions work in practice

  • Which results are achieved in relation to the overall goals. E.g. Quality, delivery, Employees, Cost.

  • To which degree management processes are supporting above


A Lean assessment end up with a plan of action which is presented for responsible management team for decisions regarding next step.

The process


The Lean assessment takes place in 4 phases – normally in a time span of 2 – 3 weeks:

  • Phase 1: Preparation – decide on scope and plan for time, who, how etc.

  • Phase 2: Kick-off and data gathering – gather data and interviews regarding current situation.

  • Phase 3: Assessment – analyzing data, discussing observations and evaluate the assessment.

  • Phase 4: Follow-up and decision making – generate report incl. recommendations for next step, presentation and discussion with management.

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